Making your college major selection can be tough for those who aren’t blessed with having their life’s calling from an early age. If you’re one of those students who are still unsure of what they’re doing next week much less the next couple of years, picking a major can be a perilous undertaking. While it’s true that what you ultimately select may not have much bearing on your life after graduation, it can be a source of constant struggle and a waste of time if you choose one that you end up hating. That can usually happen when you pick one that someone else has chosen for you, say your parents or another influential figure in your life who has a chosen path set already in their mind, even if it isn’t one that you would have selected for yourself. So in order to avoid choosing a college major you hate, here are a few tips to consider when it comes time to declare.Image result for How to Avoid Choosing a College Major You'll Hate

Look Within

Take a long hard look at what makes you tick. What are your particular interests and values and how can you make those a part of your studies? Your passions and beliefs can play a significant role in helping you decide what it is you want to do with your life once you graduate. It starts with your major and once you discover your true bliss, which can provide the framework for what you choose to study for the next two, three, or four years. It depends on when you declare. You need to reflect within and decide what piques your interest.

Sample Some Options

Once you determine what interests you, it may be that you have a number of things that fit the bill. They may be related in some way, they may have nothing to do with one another. But now you can seek out what courses at ACU Online fit in with those interests and enroll in some introductory classes. Try out a few of them and see how you do. Chances are you’re going to fall in love with at least one or two classes and that can point you in the right direction toward one major over another. Don’t ever feel like you have to commit to a major until you are ready.

Change Your Mind

Once you select a major and you’re pursuing a degree, it’s very possible you might change your mind down the road for whatever reason. That’s okay, you don’t have to abandon the major you’ve chosen at Pitzer College if you don’t want to, you can use elective credits to take courses in other areas that interest you. You’re in school, you’re supposed to take every opportunity to learn, so while you still have a year or two left, feel free to take some classes that aren’t in your chosen major. You might find you like them even more and pursue that type of career instead.