The obstruction light – mounted on the top of the point so that the light can be viewed from above.  These lights are perfect for the towers as well as for the ground and aerial navigation. The Obstruction Lighting System helps to specify an object from the flight.  Depends on the intensity, the Obstruction Light is divided into three parts:

  • Low-Intensity Obstruction Lights: Less than 45 m height for the height above the nearby ground is. 
  • Medium-Intensity Obstruction Lights: Greater than 45 m for the height above the nearby ground is. 
  • High-Intensity Obstruction Lights: For 150 m height from the ground.

These lights are divided and designed under the ICAO regulations. The low, medium and high intensity Obstruction Lights or the combination of more than one light indicates the presence of an object. These lights are available in solar as well as stand-alone configurations which are applicable for many applications like remote monitoring, light control boxes, in innovative features etc. The FAA certified obstruction lights are applicable for the infrastructure clients and provide wide range. The wide range of Aviation Obstruction Light with all the custom as well as system controllers with battery backup systems and solar powered.

Just take a look on the basic features of Obstruction Light:

  • Available in dual as well as single unit.
  • Provides 360° visibility as well as enhance LED operations.
  • Unwilling to vibration and shock.
  • 120 VAC and 240 VAC as well as 12, 24 and 48 VDC available.
  • High flux LED technology.
  • Compare to luminescent, uses 90% less energy.
  • Works for years.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Operated steady as well as flash manner.
  • Also providing grounded terminals.

The wide range of Aviation Obstruction Light provides the wide range of products which are applicable for many lighting applications. The lighting models are accessible in dual as well as single fixtures, universal AC as well as DC and solar units. In solar units hardware support or cabling is not required and with less maintenance easy to install. The professionals are always available for any service regarding issues. The main applications where the Obstruction Light is required are tall buildings, wind towers and turbines, tall buildings. The cost effective, energy proficient and mega bright Obstruction lighting System with the latest LED technology is the best and smart solution.