While most home remedies for any kind of conditions should not be your only source of medical care, they are here to help relieve some of the pain before you get an opportunity to visit your doctor. In case you are experiencing some problem with your feet, you need to visit your podiatrist, so make sure to check out https://orthoticsolutionspodiatry.com.au.

  1. Hot and cold water

This is something that has been practiced a lot all over the world, as hot and cold water therapy is known to relieve the pain in our feet. This is because the hot treatment will help with the blood flow in your feet while the cold treatment will reduce the inflammation.

Know which remedies work for which condition and make sure to apply them properly

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is actually used in many different treatments, and they can also help with the pain in your feet, especially caused by sprains and spurs, since they help reduce the inflammation. Usually, people fill the tub with hot water and then add some vinegar into it, together with Epsom salt. There are many different remedies you can search for and find the one that works the best for you.

  1. Epsom salt

As it was mentioned above, you can mix it with vinegar and water, and the solution will help reduce inflammation in your feet. Epsom salt is also known to suit your feet, and give instant pain relief, and if you combine it with heat, it will relax your feet immediately.

  1. Ice

It should be quite obvious that ice can help with pain and especially swelling, since we all know that if you get punched or hit in the face, and you usually use the ice pack to take the swelling down, right? Well, the same thing works for your feet, and to know more about this and podiatrist visit, ask Orthotic Solutions Podiatry for podiatrist cost in Sydney

  1. Clove oil

Clove oil is not only good for the pain in our feet, but it is also great for relieving headaches, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus and joint pain.

  • If you are searching for a quick relief, then you should gently massage your feet as the clove oil will stimulate the flow of blood in your feet and relax them. Use clove oil to massage all the aching places on your body.
  • For those who have a cut or sensitive skin, you might want to try and drop a couple of clove oil drops into water, and add a tablespoon of virgin olive oil or coconut oil, and use that solution to massage your feet with.

Clove oil can be used in many different ways and for different issues

  1. Cayenne pepper

Something many people are not familiar with is just how much Cayenne paper is good not only for our digestive system, but also for our feet. It is rich in capsaicin, which is something that helps relieve pains and aches in our muscles, arthritis, lower back pain, and even aching feet. Usually, people would sprinkle some cayenne pepper in their socks before putting them on.

Final word

The most important thing is that you know when to visit your podiatrist because awhile these home remedies can help relieve pain, you should not avoid the inevitable. These remedies should not be seen as a cure because they are far from that, they are here to help you bear with the discomfort and pain before you have the opportunity to actually visit your podiatrist and get proper treatment.