The word ‘landscape’ brings an imagery of green fields with a cottage or two immediately to the mind; but landscape can be of varied types. It does not necessarily have to be a country side scene, it could well be in the city – a glimpse of the urban places can also be considered as a landscape and that too can be photographed. Basically any kind of landscape that is captured through the camera can be a subject of landscape photograph.

People who have the eye of a photographer like David Berkowitz Chicago can very easily identify among the various kinds of photography. He hails from North Carolina which itself is an absolute spectacle when it comes to beaches as well as hills. The views of these places are totally breathtaking just as is David’s photography.

Often people consider the city sky scrapers to be lifeless structures, but when seen through the perspective of an exert photographer you will be able to understand how much depth and life there is even to such geometrical structures. This is when the proverb ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ comes true.

The urban landscape may not be the conventional idea of beauty, but it definitely has a beauty of its own. Capturing the urban jungle is not a matter of joke; you’ve got to have the eyes of a hawk in order to be able to identify the beauty amidst the tall sky reaching buildings. A little different from the ideal landscape of mountains, meadows, hill tops and farm houses; urban photography teaches you to appreciate the uniqueness of the city life that s not just mechanical.

As a matter of fact, the job of a natural landscape photographer is much tough than an urban landscape photographer says David Berkowitz Chicago. A photographer who is very good at his work always gains a kind of reputation in and around Chicago. The reason is that the subjects in a natural landscape have much more options as compared to the urban setting. This is one of the greatest challenges of an urban photographer.

To able to capture focal points that will attract audience is a rather difficult job, but not an impossible one. The dense foliage, waterfalls, valleys and other natural features can easily become the subject of landscape photography that will attract audience, but to be able to understand and pick out attractive subjects in an urban place requires a lot of passion for the job. David was able to exhibit such passion, when he took off with his camera to roam the streets of United States as soon as he completed his studies on photography.

This is the reason; those who intend to take up such a difficult form of photography as their profession are recommended to practice their skills initially at home. This they do in order to ascertain that they have in them what it takes to face the world outside, which is a larger canvas.